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“Nowadays it's vital that we can all process purchase information quickly. Thankfully, with TreeCommerce® Messenger, our suppliers can process purchases automatically with us - there's no need for manual order entry.”
Heideveld BV

“Easy and quick communication tool that saves us all time so we can focus on what really matters in our industry, listen to the customer and supply a complete package of quality plants, on time at a competitive price with no failures as required. ”
SAP Holland

“I can enter my customer purchases, allocate them and plan them with just a few clicks”
WTM de Boer

“We receive orders from our customers in various ways (by email, Excel, telephone). We have been using TreeCommerce® Messenger for a while now and it works very well. Every week we send our stock list via TreeCommerce® Messenger to the affiliated wholesalers - customers who order from us in the season every day. They have the full picture of what is in stock and we can receive their orders digitally. The orders are processed with just a few clicks in WinTree®. We are already finding that TreeCommerce® Messenger has its benefits. It saves us at least half an hour a week when processing the orders. It would certainly help if more wholesalers started ordering in this way”
Gebr. Rotteveel